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Manuka Honey Tapas & Treats Recipes

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Now that you have discovered the wonderful power and unique taste of Manuka, here are some great ways to share your Manuka with friends and impress your friends with a sophisticated and healthy honey pairings!

Tapas Manuka Honey Board

Honey pairs well with the savory salty taste of cheese. Manuka Honey pairs well bold tasting cheese. Some of our favorites are Sharp Cheddar, Romano, & Goat Cheese. Add some fruit, nuts, crackers, and meats for a personalized and beautiful display sure to impress any guests!

Royal Hanuka Manuka Avocado Toast

This recipe gives a sweet, spicy & tangy kick to your traditional west coast avocado toast!

1. 2 Ripe Avocado (cubed & mashed)

2. Royal Hanuka Manuka

3. Garlic Salt (to taste)

4. Crushed Red Pepper for a Spicy kick!

5. Your favorite toast (sourdough)

Cube and slightly mash your avocado, add garlic salt to taste. Spoon over crisp toast. Drizzle your Royal Hanuka Manuka over the top (we like alot on ours!) & add crushed red pepper to top!

FroYo Manuka Honey

Take your frozen yogurt treat to the next the level with this amazing combination of honey, yogurt and your favorite in season berry! Our favourite is the smooth Hanuka Manuka toasty blend!

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