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You will never be alone. Wherever you go we will go with you! 

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In The Land of Health, Happiness & Honey

Field Trip in Nature
Group of Road Bikers

Alpha Honey is delivered to you by a team of medical providers. Healthy and happy environment shapes a healthy and happy person. Let us be your environment. We carefully handpicked the best quality non-MGO honey. Our hard working bees do all the job and we just package it and deliver it to your door. From the mountains, through the valleys, from the rain forest to your door steps. The entire world at your door front. 

The Power of Our Honey


We hand select our honey from the oldest and most pristine ecosystems from around the world to offer you a robust and rich flavor packed with endless health and nutritional benefits.

Our honey is doctor recommended with research based health benefits to improve the health, happiness and longevity of our customers.  

Our mission is to improve the lives of all people and protect mankind's most valuable and endangered resource-the honey bee

It is our promise that all Alpha Honeys are therefore traceable and sustainable

Our Story

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