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How to Add More Honey to Your Diet

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Honey is a known superfood that gives tons of great immune boosting and health benefits. Here are a few ways to use honey and eliminate processed sweeteners from your diet.

Honey in Coffee

While most of us think of hot tea when we think of honey, it works just as well in your cup of Joe! Honey is more powerfully sweet by nature and will take less to sweeten than other processed sugars- less calories Hooray!

Honey Waffles

Most commercially bought pancake and waffle syrups are primarily simple processed sugar- while honey contains that same thick texture and will give your gut a good dose of morning prebiotics to kick start a healthier day.

Honey Avocado Toast

While there are endless combinations of breakfast toasts nowadays, our favorite is guacamole inspired avocado drizzled with Rainforest Honey!

Cheese Platters & Wine

Want to impress your next guests or party? Its all about picking fresh and quality ingredients for your next cheese, fruit, and wine tapas. Try different combinations of cheese and drizzle honey over the top for a savor & gourmet intensity. Our favorite is a creamy Havarti cheese paired with a full bodied nutty Manuka

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