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The Gift of Honey: Our most Ancient & Traditional Holiday Gift

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Ancient Honey Hunters of Nepal Photo Credit:

Mankind has used honey during holidays and rituals since the days of cave paintings. Honey symbolizes sweetness and prosperity. Gifting honey has intertwined itself into every culture from across the world as the ultimate gift of happiness, wealth, fertility, and good health.

Mesolithic Cave paintings found in Valencia, Spain date back over 8,000 years. The picture shows how our ancestors immortalized their traditions of honey collecting using ladders and ropes.

Kulung Honey Hunter collecting honey in the Himalayas, Nepal

Honey was cultivated by many ancient civilizations from the Mayans, Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Ancient China, and even the Kulung Honey Hunters of Nepal that still use their same ancient rope and ladder harvesting tactics to reach hives sometimes hundreds of feet high. These cultures all shared a common bond with the honeybee and considered them to be one of the most sacred animals.

Today honey is still a part of almost every culture in the world and holds the same symbolism of health, happiness and fertility. The USA alone consumes up to 410 million pounds of honey per year according to a 2010 USDA Research poll.

Giving the gift of just one jar of pure raw honey contains the work and energy of over 22,000 honey bees. It is also estimated that a single bee will produce only a tablespoon of honey during its lifetime. Each jar of honey also contains the nectar of over 2 million flowers. While honeybees make more than enough honey to share with us, the miracle of this sweet treat is truly awe-inspiring. It is no wonder why our ancestors considered honey to be scared and a life-giving gift.

Honey in its pure form is the lifetime work of so many. Enjoy and Share!

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