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Why is Organic Honey so Hard to find?

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Not all honeys are created equal and the USDA Organic stamp is something to take notice of on your honey! Here is why

Brazilian Organic Beekeepers tending to their hives in the rainforest.

Organic Honey has High Standards

It seems like you can find most any product in the organic section nowadays. But Organic honey is whole different ballgame. Honey is produced by bees that forage on plants several miles away from their hive. This means that organic honey farmers have to ensure their bees are not only cared for organically but also have a very large, untouched, & remote forage area. Beekeepers have to pass regular inspections to prove their bees have access to only organically growing plants, this is the only way to ensure the honey they produce does not contain pesticides or chemicals. Many times this means that beekeepers must travel deep into forested and remote wilderness to take care of their bees.

Scientists increasingly warm us for the need for more sustainable, organic beekeeping methods to save the honey bee populations across the world

Organic Honey is not just about the Plants

Did you know that organic beekeepers must also keep their bees in only naturally built hives-meaning no PLASTIC! Organic honey must only be produced in natural hives, meaning no artificial combs or boxes. This goes for the colony as well. Organic bee hives must contain native bees, meaning beekeepers cannot replace dying colonies with imported bees to keep sick colonies afloat.

Brazil has won awards for its outstanding organic honey 5 consecutive years

Brazil currently has some of the world's best organic honey because they have a hybrid Western and Africanized (killer) bee that is much more sturdy, but at a price! They are a bit more testy to work with due to their Killer Bee ancestry, but Brazilian beekeepers have found a way to harmoniously work with these bees to bring us some of the healthiest honey you will find on the planet!


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