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Royal Jelly: Food for Queens

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The Queen Bee who has a diet entirely of Royal Jelly can live up to 40x's longer than her subjects, even though she is otherwise genetically identical to them.

What is Royal Jelly?

Pure Royal Jelly in the hive

Royal Jelly is the nutrient dense food that worker bees make specifically for the Queen Bee. Research indicates that the unique and nutrient dense Royal Jelly is what extends the life of the Queen bee-Queen Bees live 40x's longer than worker bees (Queens live several years as opposed to worker bees who live only weeks).

Don't be fooled -Royal Jelly has a tart tangy taste, not sweet!

Royal Jelly, unlike honey, has a tangy sour taste and is anything but sweet...

How do humans use Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly has been used as far back as Aristotle and Cleopatra. Even before modern day science, medicinal healers understood the amazing healing and life extending and beauty properties of royal jelly.

Eating Royal Jelly: Mental Health and Sexual Health

Royal Jelly is an aphrodisiac

Aristotle was one of the first to recommend the daily ingestion of royal jelly and it was the main ingredient in Ambrosia- a drink meant to grant immortality. Royal Jelly is highly perishable therefore it usually comes in either the refrigerated section, in a powdered form, or like Alpha Honey Health has done- preserved it in the honey itself. Research has indicated that eating royal jelly on a regular basis can improve memory, prevent forms of mental degradation (Alzheimer's and dementia), increase sexual drive and libido, and prevent the breakdown of healthy cells by preserving them and offsetting the aging process (retains telomere lengths).

Royal Jelly for the Skin: The Fountain of Youth

Royal Jelly was Cleopatra's beauty secret

Royal Jelly is now the hot topic in skin care, but has been used since the days of Cleopatra. Just like ingesting it, research indicates that topical application of royal jelly can prevent skin aging and photo damage from normal environmental exposure. Science goes on to indicate it can improve skin elasticity and youthful appearance by repleshinging cells with densely concentrated amino acids found only in royal jelly.

Royal Jelly for Menopause, Pain, and Anxiety

Royal Jelly helps reduce anxiety

A 2018 research study out of Japan indicated that daily ingestion of Royal Jelly improved menopausal symptoms in women, significantly lowered anxiety, and improved chronic back pain within 12 weeks, with no negative side effects.

What can Royal Jelly do for you?

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